images-5Incoming rant here…

I am vehemently opposed to having a brand new distributor in the network marketing profession cut their teeth with their warm market.

This is a controversial position because most company’s and top earners will tell you otherwise.  “Follow the tried and proven system.  Period!”

So hear me out on this one.  The majority of new distributors have zero skill level in designing a conversation around a desired outcome.  They haven’t been trained to do it, they possess no real knowledge about how to be effective at it and the results are heart breaking.

If we’re taking someone who is unskilled and lacks the knowledge then we are putting them on a collision course with failure because the odds are against them.  The truth is it takes skill AND knowledge to be successful.  Flying on enthusiasm is not a long term strategy and most people get a result that is not in their favor.

What is the typical result?  Alienation from the people they love and care for, a lost sense of self-belief and no closer to where they want to be in their business.

Think about this approach.  I took this right from the Tim Sales playbook… practice with your upline, sideline, cross line, purchase dirt cheap leads and practice on people who matter less then your friends and family.

One thing is certain, your warm market is your most valuable because they already know you and trust you.  Be patient, hold off until you can navigate the objections and inspire them to take action.  There is a highly effective strategy that you will learn in time with experience.

Here’s a better approach, start sharing about your business on Facebook in a way that is packed with value so that you create curiosity from your friends and family… because the truth is, that’s where they’re hanging out anyway.

I would love to get your feedback on this philosophy, so please share your comments below.

Carpe customers,